Sydnie Frietag, Maine event coordinator


Event Coordinator

I started working with Kristen at Beehive Creative in 2017 and have truly enjoyed every minute. Each wedding is unique, stunning, and incredibly sentimental. It is so fulfilling giving each couple and their respective family and friends the perfect day filled with meaningful memories, whatever it takes!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors on the coast, traveling the world with family and friends, and going on any adventure that crosses my path.


Sydnie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Working in the field of marketing, she picked up creative design skills along the way that are helpful when it comes to wedding planning.

Although Sydnie now calls Maine home, she’s a Chicago native who misses authentic deep dish pizza and sometimes the hubbub of city life.

Jamie Lovley, Maine event coordinator


Event Coordinator

There is nothing quite like the love, magic, and warmth of a wedding. Working alongside Kristen and Sydnie at Beehive Creative since 2018 has taught me so much. Being part of a team of women who are detail-oriented, problem-solving, creative, and compassionate makes every event uniquely rewarding. It’s an honor to be present on a couple’s wedding day, to have their trust to guide the wedding party and their families through such a meaningful day.

When I’m not working, I can be found hiking along the coast of Maine with my dog, kayaking, or camping. I love living in this magical state, and sharing in its natural wonders for those who choose to make memories here.


Jamie is in her final year of graduate school studying clinical social work. She values interpersonal connection, which is evident in how she relates to wedding couples and their guests.

Jamie also has a way with words - just ask her about her published work in Downeast Magazine.

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